Troubleshooting FAQ's

Having trouble loading up EquityFeed? Find your answer here.

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Platform FAQ's

Most common questions on platform functionality and capabilities.

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Getting Started

Launching Equityfeed

How to load up the platform from both a Windows and Mac computer.

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Customize your Platform

How to customize your settings, fonts, sizes, adding data columns and more.

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Account Management

Creating a subscription, managing your account, modifying your billing details.

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Finding Stocks

Market View

An incredible and complete 'top-down' view of the entire stock market in real-time.

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News Streamer

A one-of-a-kind News tool made for traders to profit from real-time breaking news.

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Stock Scanner

Our first-generation scanner lets you find custom stock trading opportunities.

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Filter Builder

The most powerful, flexible and user-friendly real-time stock scanner in existence.

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Trading Alerts

Profitable trading alerts delivered straight to you on a silver platter.

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Following Stocks

Chart Montage

A complete 360 degree view of any stock with all pertinent real-time trading data.

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Watch Lists

Not your daddy's watchlists. Customizable watchlists with news and filings alerts.

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Personal Alerts

Customizable price-related, volume-related and news-related alerts as they happen.

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Level 2 Quotes

Easy to use Level 2 Market Maker quotes with our unique MM Activity Log display.

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Time & Sales

Also known as "Prints". See every trade for a stock with the price and volume action.

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Trading Stocks

Broker Integrations

Trade directly using your TD Ameritrade or Interactive Brokers account.

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Platform Integrations

Connect to platforms such as Sterling Trader, Lightspeed and Realtick.

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