Sterling Trader Pro

To export symbols to the Sterling Trader Pro platform, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Ensure both the Sterling Trader Pro platform and the EquityFeed platform are both running simultaneously on the same computer.

Step 2:  From the EquityFeed platform, click the File Menu on the Launch Pad.

Step 3: Select System Settings.

Step 4: From the Settings Manager window, select the Third Party tab.

Step 5:  Uncheck EquityFeed (Default) and check the Sterling box, followed by clicking the Save button.

Step 6:  From the Sterling Trader Pro platform, select any window which has an Actions options in the Main Menu.

Step 7:  From the Actions drop-down menu, select Link Windows.

Step 8:  Click Add To Group...

Step 9:  In the Add To Group pop-up window, click the drop-down arrow and select ' 7 ' followed by clicking the OK button.

Step 10:  From this point forward, any symbol clicked in any EquityFeed window will be exported to all the Group 7 windows within the Sterling Trader Pro platform.

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