Light Speed

EquityFeed integrates with Lightspeed to allow you to export symbols from EquityFeed to Lightspeed. This means that when you click on a symbol in EquityFeed it will instantaneously update your desired Lightspeed window(s).

To export symbols to the Lightspeed platform, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Ensure both the Lightspeed platform and the EquityFeed platform are both running simultaneously on the same computer.

Step 2:  From the EquityFeed platform, open a Market View window from the Launch Pad.

Step 3:  Return to the EquityFeed Launch Pad.

  1. Click the file menu and select System Settings.

  2. Select the Third Party tab

  3. Uncheck “EquityFeed (Default)”
  4. Check Lightspeed
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Close the System Settings window.

Step 4
:  From the Lightspeed platform, click the Settings icon on the Order Entry window.

5:  From the Settings window:

  1. Select the Linking tab.
  2. Check the box “Enable Linking To…
  3. Click the Add a Link button

Step 6
: Click, drag and drop the “L” in the pop-up box, onto the EquityFeed Market View window, followed by clicking the Select button on the Lightspeed pop up window.

Step 7
:  Click OK on the Lightspeed Settings window.

Step 8
:  Click the word “Lightspeed” on the title bar, located on the top left corner of the Lightspeed platform.

Step 9
:  Click on any symbol in the EquityFeed Market View window and note the exporting of the clicked symbol to the Lightspeed platform.

Hint:  If the exporting function to the Lightspeed platform stops working, click the word “Lightspeed” on title bar (located on the top left corner of the Lightspeed platform). 

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